Womanizer Starlet Clitoral VibratorWomanizer Starlet Clitoral Vibrator

Womanizer Starlet

$ 169.00

The Womanizer Starlet vibrator is a brand new touch-less clitoral vibrator available in three luxurious colors. Made by the experts at Womanizer, this mini vibe is whisper quiet and will fit secretly in your pocket!

Womanizer Comparison Guide, Luxury Vibrators, Scandarella

Womanizer Comparison Guide – How to Choose the Best Model for You

When the sex toy industry comes up with something new – and I mean truly new – it’s hard to ignore it. You read the reviews. You can’t miss the hype. So many people loving on the latest delight, while others despise it for not working with their bodies. It’s easy to choose whether or not to take a punt when there’s just one model. All you need to do is find a blogger who has similar tastes to you and read their opinions.

Womanizer PRO 40 Touchless VibratorWomanizer PRO 40 Touchless Vibrator

Womanizer PRO 40

$ 139.00

The Womanizer PRO 40 touchless vibrator stimulates your clitoris without any actual contact.

Womanizer Plus white with goldWomanizer Comparison Guide, Luxury Vibrators, ScandarellaWomanizer Plus white with gold

Womanizer Plus

$ 210.00

The Womanizer Plus touch-less vibrator stimulates your clitoris without any actual contact.

Womanizer 2Go Chic Nights BlackWomanizer 2 go white satin, Womanizer Comparison Guide, Luxury Vibrators, Scandarella

Womanizer 2 Go Mini Vibrator

$ 169.00

The Womanizer 2 Go mini lipstick vibrator is a touch-less clitoral vibrator, with 6 intensity levels and one button control.

Womanizer Pro W500 White, best gifts for womanhigh-end sex toys, Womanizer Pro W500 Magenta, Womanizer Comparison Guide, Luxury Vibrators, Scandarella

Womanizer Pro W500

$ 190.00

The Womanizer Pro W500 is a touch-less clitoral vibrator. Featuring the amazing Pleasure Air Technology with 8 intensity levels, this sex toy has become a best seller all over the globe.

Virtual Reality sex toys and other Valentines Day gift ideas

Best Sex Toys of 2018

We don’t have a crystal ball here at Luxury Vibrators. We aren’t psychic, and we can’t see into the future. But we can use our knowledge of the adult industry – and the hands-on knowledge of our regular blog contributor, Scandarella – to bring you our predictions of what could be some of the best sex toys of 2018. With all eyes on virtual reality, long distance sharing, and the quickly approaching advent of the take-home sex robot, it’s going to be a busy year.

Scandarella's Introduction to Erotica & Sex Toys

Scandarella’s Erotica & Sex Toys

Have you ever found yourself getting hot under the collar while reading a romance novel? If so, erotic fiction could be your new best friend! But what happens when reading the rude stuff gets you more frustrated than titillated? Let erotica writer Scandarella give you the heads up on what to do when reading a sexy story turns from me time into play time. Check out her suggestions and discover the best sex toys to use with erotica.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Scandarella’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

What do you do for Valentine’s Day? Are you the type of person who gets glammed up before heading for the intimate lights of a fancy restaurant? Do you prefer to sip champagne and nibble on strawberries (and other things) in the middle of a bubbly jacuzzi in the suite of a luxury hotel room? Or are you like me, the type who stays in the comfort of their own home, cooks their favourite meal, opens a bottle of their favourite beer, then settles down to watch their favourite movie?