Sliquid Pop Lube Hydrid

Sliquid – Pop Lube Hybrid

$ 14.00

The semen-like formulation starts with purified water and plant cellulose, and is blended with 12% pharmaceutical-grade silicone and creamy emollient esters, which results in a luxurious and creamy glide.

Sliquid Buck Angel's T-Lube lubricant

Sliquid – Buck Angel’s T-Lube

$ 14.00

T-Lube is a water based lubricant, which was created specifically for trans men, as a response to Buck's own experiences

Sliquid O-Gel LubricantSliquid O-Gel Lubricant

Sliquid – O Gel

$ 18.00

Sliquid Stimulating O Gel is a 100% vegan friendly clitoral stimulating lubricant.

sliquid soul lubricant - 2oz

Sliquid – Soul Topical Moisturizer

$ 12.00

Formulated with organic coconut oil and other hand selected natural ingredients, Sliquid Soul Organic Coconut Oil Moisturizer is simply the most luxurious and sexiest way to take care of not just your most sensitive skin, but your entire body!