Hot Octopuss, Mamz Upcoming Hot Octopuss Review

NEWS – Hot Octopuss

Luxury Vibrators is thrilled to announce the addition of Hot Octopuss to our high-end sex toy line up! Featuring the popular Pulse 3 Solo and the Pulse 3 Duo. These award winning sex toys have been best sellers for years and are now available with free, fast discreet shipping within Canada & the United States.

Christmas Gifts For Men 2017

Hot Octopuss – Queen Bee

$ 119.00

The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee clitoral massager is a revolutionary female simulator. Offering oscillating pulsations, you’re sure to experience an orgasm like none other!

Hot Octopuss Now @ Luxury Vibrators

Hot Octopuss – Pulse III – Solo

$ 121.00

The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo masturbator is revolutionary. It’s the first guybrator that oscillates rather then vibrates, offering amazing sensations!

Hot Octopuss Now @ Luxury Vibrators, Christmas Gifts for Men

Hot Octopuss – Pulse III – Duo

$ 153.00

The Hot Octopuss Duo III is a revolutionary couples toy. Worn by him, it offers amazing sensations to both partners. Use it alone or during foreplay.

Scandarella's Introduction to Erotica & Sex Toys

Scandarella’s Erotica & Sex Toys

Have you ever found yourself getting hot under the collar while reading a romance novel? If so, erotic fiction could be your new best friend! But what happens when reading the rude stuff gets you more frustrated than titillated? Let erotica writer Scandarella give you the heads up on what to do when reading a sexy story turns from me time into play time. Check out her suggestions and discover the best sex toys to use with erotica.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Scandarella’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

What do you do for Valentine’s Day? Are you the type of person who gets glammed up before heading for the intimate lights of a fancy restaurant? Do you prefer to sip champagne and nibble on strawberries (and other things) in the middle of a bubbly jacuzzi in the suite of a luxury hotel room? Or are you like me, the type who stays in the comfort of their own home, cooks their favourite meal, opens a bottle of their favourite beer, then settles down to watch their favourite movie?

Scandarella’s 2018 Sexy Bucket List Suggestions

Scandarella’s 2018 Sexy Bucket List Suggestions

Things to do before you’re thirty. Cities to visit before summer ends. Movies to see before you die. We’ve all heard of these kinds of bucket lists and many of us will have written our own versions of them at one point or another. I know I’ve written a few in my time but the only one I’ve ever managed to complete has been all about sex. Yep, every time January 1st rolls around I write a sexy bucket list. It helps me remember things I want to try…

Best NEW Sex Toys of 2017!

Best NEW Sex Toys in 2017!

The sex toy industry is churning out new toys everyday. This is great because it offers consumers a wonderful selection, and if you ask me, the toys are only getting better and better! Gone are the days of cheap battery operated toys, now you have beautiful body-safe toys, made to last years.