Upcoming Doxy Die Cast Review

NEWS – Rae Chen’s Upcoming Doxy Die Cast Review

Ms. Rae Chen is a beauty blogger located in Alberta Canada. Writing for “theNotice” since 2007, Rae connects with her readers on a personal level. She’s passionate about what she does and it comes across in all her work. Rae’s known for her thorough reviews and bright, bold images. Her writing offers a modern take on many of the products we use everyday, from beauty products to high-end sex toys.

Original Doxy Massager - All colorsOriginal Doxy Massager - Angled Black

Doxy Massager Original

$ 110.00

The Original Doxy Massager is a powerful wand massager. It’s made using body-safe material, is powerful and fits all standard large wand attachments.

Doxy Diecast Massage Wand

Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand

$ 190.00$ 270.00

The Doxy Die Cast is the luxurious big brother to the Original Doxy Massager. It’s one powerful wand sex toy made using premium body-safe silicone mounted to a die cast aluminum body. The Doxy Die cast is available in five colors and comes in a stunning storage case!

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One of the best – and worst – parts of the festive season is shopping for Christmas gifts. Working out a budget, and what to get and for who. It’s only just turned November, so you lull yourself into thinking you have loads of time. But, as we all know, before you can say jingle bells it’ll be late afternoon on December 24th. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a closing store…