Upcoming Doxy Die Cast Review

NEWS – Rae Chen’s Upcoming Doxy Die Cast Review

Ms. Rae Chen is a beauty blogger located in Alberta Canada. Writing for “theNotice” since 2007, Rae connects with her readers on a personal level. She’s passionate about what she does and it comes across in all her work. Rae’s known for her thorough reviews and bright, bold images. Her writing offers a modern take on many of the products we use everyday, from beauty products to high-end sex toys.

Original Doxy Massager - All colorsOriginal Doxy Massager - Angled Black

Doxy Massager Original

$ 110.00

The Original Doxy Massager is a powerful wand massager. It’s made using body-safe material, is powerful and fits all standard large wand attachments.

Doxy Diecast Massage Wand

Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand

$ 190.00$ 270.00

The Doxy Die Cast is the luxurious big brother to the Original Doxy Massager. It’s one powerful wand sex toy made using premium body-safe silicone mounted to a die cast aluminum body. The Doxy Die cast is available in five colors and comes in a stunning storage case!